If you feel like you have been to hell and back, and no one gets it…read this…it may just give you HOPE!

I am Davida van der Walt, an Industrial Psychologist and Health Coach.  I am a member of the South African Society for Integrative Health (SASIM).

Through my programme “Claim Your Life Back” I help those struggling with weight gain, exhaustion, autoimmune disease, multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and chronic illnesses caused by life-style, work pressures, stress, trauma, diet and environmental factors.   Through my coaching programme you will experience better overall health, more energy and mental clarity allowing you to lead the life you were gifted with to the fullest.

Your greatest wealth is your health.

It is so sad that we must first lose our health to realise just how important it is. This programme will guide you to a path of great health and vibrance. Make an investment in your life and that of the people that work for you!

This will give you a glimpse of what I went through…

For many years I experienced various symptoms such as acid reflux, allergies, constipation, gout, aches and pains, burning feet, hair loss, ear aches, endometriosis, always feeling warm…and many more…I did not realize that these were warning signs.

It is March 2015.  I am waking up after being in theatre.  Just had a subtotal hysterectomy.  I feel terrible.  This is most pain I have felt in my whole life.  But now I have to go through the motions. After years of recurring ovarian cysts, my gynecologist suggested a hysterectomy.

I get released from the hospital and my Mom comes and stays with me, as my husband is working in another town.  For some reason, I just can’t get my strength back.  Weeks pass.  My Mom eventually goes home.  I can’t get out of bed in the morning and battle to get anything done during the day.

Luckily, I work from home and just finished a major contract, so if need be, I can rest when I have to.  It gets worse.  I feel like I am 100 years old, if not older.  Going to the bathroom is an effort.  Putting one foot in front of the other is agonizing. Preparing food for myself is too much effort. I get out of breath if I want to sit up straight in bed.  It can’t go on like this! On the 6th of March 2015, I visit my GP.  He tells me it is stress and sends me on my merry way.

I felt helpless and decided to go back to my gynecologist for a check-up. I am immediately admitted to the hospital on the 18th of March 2015 and submitted to multiple blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, and scans. My gynecologist introduces me to a physician who after all his tests confirm that I have Graves’ Disease. This explained my elevated heart rate.  For weeks it was between 110 – 140 beats per minute.  One feels extremely fatigued when one’s heart rate goes that high.  This is what doctors call hyperthyroidism.  Hypothyroidism on the other hand is when your thyroid is underactive and your heart rate is too slow.  Both make you feel extremely tired.

He explained to me that my own immune system was attacking my thyroid.  Consequently, I had an enlarged thyroid with nodules on it.  Furthermore, he said that my options were (1) surgery, which he did not recommend as my vocal cords could be damaged, and (2) radio-active iodine, which would basically shrink my thyroid and render it under-active.

In my ignorance, I went for the second option. Amazingly, those were the only two options I was given.  Little did I know there was a third option! Change your lifestyle!!

If any one of you out there is diagnosed with any autoimmune disease, I urge you to first seek help from an Integrative Health Practitioner or to contact me.

I met with the Nuclear Medicine Specialist.  She explained to me that they would administer the radio-active iodine in the form of one single capsule specially prepared for me.  She also said that radio-iodine also has no known side effects (whatever!!!!!). I took this capsule on the 19th of March 2015, less than a week before my husband and I went overseas to visit my sister in New Zealand and for a short island holiday in Fiji.  Up to the point that we landed in New Zealand, I was still extremely fatigued.  To my amazement, I felt better whilst overseas.  My body still took strain especially because we walked a lot.  But I was able to enjoy my holiday.

The day after we came back I woke up with my eyes swollen shut. My face looked like a soccer ball.  For the next three months, I felt like I was climbing Mount Everest.  Now my hyperthyroid turned hypo, and I was put on eltroxin.

Medical Science turning a blind eye.

I first called the physician who diagnosed me to explain my symptoms.  His response was that swollen eyes and a swollen face are not likely to be a result of my thyroid condition, nor a side effect of the radioiodine.  Besides the 10 minutes that I saw him in the hospital when he told me I had Grave’s Disease, I never saw him again. He gave no advice as to any lifestyle or diet changes.  His only advice, go for radioactive iodine.  I felt extremely frustrated and left alone in the dark.

The radio-active iodine was administered in a single capsule. I was told that it could work over the next 12 months to shrink my thyroid.

In my desperation, I contacted the Nuclear Medicine specialist who administered the radio-iodine, and she told me she does not consult. I sent numerous e-mails begging for guidance and support.  She just ignored it.  Her assistant tried to answer, but could not do so with confidence.  This is an extract of a mail I sent on the 7th of July 2015:

“Hi there, I would really appreciate if the Dr could give me some feedback.  All I need to know is if the symptoms I have relate to my slow metabolism.  Especially my eyes and general swelling, face, eyes, hands, and feet.  If so, I will wait for the eltroxin to work.  If not, what should I do?

My GP just treats me for allergies…but also tells me my blood tests indicate no allergies.

I am at a loss

Thank you


His response:

“Hi Mrs Van der Walt,

Sorry for not replying earlier.

Dr was, unfortunately, unavailable today. What I can tell you from my experience with previous patients is that most of your symptoms are similar to what our other patients have experienced. I will confirm with Dr first thing tomorrow morning and let you know.

Kind Regards,

Drs Assistant”

My response

“Thank you so much.  I am just so frustrated.  Have been feeling like this for months and the Doctors think it is in my head.

I just need to know what to expect next and what to do next

Thank you kindly


His response:

Good Day Mrs. Van der Walt,

I trust you are well.

Dr has prescribed Tertroxin for you for 5 days which you should take in conjunction with your eltroxin. It is also a thyroid hormone that will help to make you feel a little better, and faster. We will then still redo your blood tests in 4 weeks to check if the eltroxin dosage is correct.

Kind Regards,

Drs Assistant”

Do note, she says nothing about my symptoms.  It felt to me like I was ignored. From the pictures, you can see how quickly I went from looking like myself to looking like someone I did not know. In a matter of 2-3 months.

The added medication did nothing to improve my health.

Not knowing what to do, and thinking that my symptoms could perhaps be an allergy, I then went to another GP.  I told him about my diagnosis and the radio-iodine treatment. He did blood test after blood test, but nothing!  He gave me weekly antihistamine injections.  It actually made me worse. After a few weeks, he told me he can’t help me as he can’t find anything wrong with me.  It must be in my head.  His receptionist told me that when she drinks too much wine over a weekend her face also swells. What a slap in the face! I was so sick at the time that drinking any alcohol was not an option.  Needless to say, I never went back to him.  You can see what I looked like in June 2015 (like a soccer ball).    I could not even recognize myself. By now I was so frustrated I could cry.

I felt horrible.  I always felt tired and exhausted, I looked horrible, and I was extremely sensitive to anything, So much so that I could not figure out what.  I at one stage thought I was allergic to the fabric.  Perhaps my pillow is the problem? I bought hypo-allergic pillowcases and bed covers. But nothing seemed to help.

In my desperation, I went to an Ophthalmologist on the 29th of May.  He told me I have dry eyes and sent me away with eye drops.  No luck there.

On the 28th of July 2015, I went to see another eye specialist, hoping they would know something about Grave’s Disease.   This doctor told me about a friend of hers that is going through the same thing, but she could not provide me with any answers.

By now I felt lost…at this stage, I would rather die than carry on like this.  Waking up feeling horrible, with no energy, and swollen beyond recognition.  Reacting to everything and battling to find out just exactly what I am reacting to.

I did some more research on Graves’ and realised it may help to see an endocrinologist.  I started doing web searches looking for endocrinologists who specialize in thyroid conditions.  I found a site that had references.  I found a doctor that came highly recommended.

My first appointment was on 17 August 2016.  This doctor spent almost an hour with me, listening to what symptoms I experienced and interacting with me.  I was so relieved!  He suggested a magnitude of blood tests which I gladly did. (None of which the GP did).

He found that my TSH Receptor Antibodies were very high.  It was 189.5 at the time.  Normal ranges below 1.8.  This explained my severe chemical sensitivities and lack of ability to lose weight.

He helped me get my eltroxin at the correct levels to avoid me being either hyper or hypo.  It took months, if not years to stabilize. He also started me on DHEA and significant doses of Vitamin D3.

In November 2015, I started having severe swelling in my feet.   Actually, my whole body was inflamed, swollen, and sore…but my feet took the brunt of it.  I love to exercise, but what got to me was that I could never exercise since I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease.  The moment I tried to do a brisk walk or run, my feet would swell so severely that I could not walk.  I remember going shopping, before we even enter the store I could barely walk. My husband would want to push the trolley, at which point I would reply, I need to push the trolley as it would support me.  I would use it as a walker.

In December 2015, I did some more of my own research. (I actually never stopped, to this day!). I came across Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN).   I asked my Endocrinologist if he would prescribe me LDN which he did.  It had a remarkable effect on my health.  My Endocrinologist suggested I go off gluten and sugar. Both these steps also made a big difference.

This is a note I sent my Dr after starting to take LDN: “Within 2 days after taking LDN, I felt great..the swelling in my face and feet went right down for one whole day….after that it started fluctuating again.  I also have severe fluctuations in my energy levels and my pulse is going up.  It used to be 60 on average…in the last week, it went up to 90 and now seems to have settled on 70.  I still feel confident that I should just carry on and see what happens…I guess any changes in my hormone levels, even good changes will cause symptoms.”

What I really appreciated was his willingness to interact with me via e-mail.  Whenever I had fluctuations in symptoms I would e-mail him and ask for his advice.  He always responded.

My research also guided me to take Omega 3 fish oils, as well as selenium and probiotics. I started using these religiously (self-prescribed).  Since then I have learned so much more about what really works and will tell you all about it in the CLAIM YOUR LIFE BACK programme.

My eye swelling remained a major issue.  I also developed sores around my eyes (and on my neck and on my head). I was so embarrassed, I started wearing dark shades just to hide my eyes. Can you see the bulge towards the right of my eye, that was swelling?  It looked like a bag full of water.

In November 2015, my Endocrinologist referred me to a Professor who specializes in Thyroid Eye Disease (TED).  After his examination, he confirmed that I did not have Thyroid Eye Disease and that there was no permanent damage to my eyes.  He could, however, not explain the severe swelling and soreness. Over and above the fact that my eyes were severely swollen, they were also extremely dry and always very sore. And extremely light sensitive.  It did not take much for me to strain my eyes.  I do a lot of computer work and at times had to stop working to give my eyes a break.

In my continuous search for answers, I ‘hesitantly’ saw a Doctor in Ethnomedicine.  This was in February 2016.  To the left is a photo of what my blood looked like at the time.  Blood cells should look like marbles. Round.  Not like this!   This Doctor said there was mycoplasma in my blood.

He prescribed olive leaf extract and folic acid. After taking his prescribed medicine, I initially felt worse.  I actually wrote him an e-mail where I explained that iI felt like I was boiling from the inside.

What in fact happened was that I detoxed too fast.  My body was extremely toxic, to the extent that the release of toxins had to be managed. I also later did a detox which made me extremely ill.  If you are finding yourself in the same position, remember to take it slow. Exercise, clean eating and mild detox is the best remedy, but it does take time.  Be patient, and be kind to yourself.

A natural product that I felt helped a lot was Dandelion Root Extract Tea.  Whenever I have severe chemical sensitivities, I would drink a pot of tea and it relieved my symptoms almost immediately.

In the next few months, my blood results improved, but I still felt swollen, sore, and fatigued.  And I gained weight!

I furthered my research and learned about the devastating effect of food choices and environmental toxins on my body.  I started implementing all the measures explained in my CLAIM YOUR LIFE BACK PROGRAMME.   One at a time.  I learned about leaky gut, and how it affects health.  And very importantly, how unfinished business or emotional trauma can make you sick. It took me many years of research to put it all together. I started swimming, one lap at first, and slowly I increased my exercise.  Today I walk a minimum of 1 hour a day on a mountaintop.

I kept on seeing my Endocrinologist throughout the year 2016.  He asked me to keep up with the lifestyle changes as these started to render great results. Removing gluten from my diet made a huge difference.  Once I was able to exercise, this made an even bigger difference.

In May 2016, it felt like I had a huge Adams Apple, which I never had before. I caught a big fright and was sent to a surgeon. After a scan, it was established that all was good.  The doctor said it could be that the radio-iodine that is literally shrinking my thyroid, is now exposing more bone in my throat.

That was my last big scare thyroid…I am continuing my research…I don’t think I will ever stop.  There is always something more we can learn.

In 2017 I started seeing a Functional Medicine Practitioner who helped me identify natural supplements that could help over that last hurdle.  This was done based on extensive blood tests that are not standard for mainstream medical practitioners.

If you have an autoimmune disease I urge you to see a Functional Medical Practitioner.

Great Resources on my Journey

For interest sake, Dr. Eric Osansky was the first site I stumbled on which had a major impact on my health.

He has multiple free webinars and resources.  He talks about the link between the thyroid and cholesterol. http://www.naturalendocrinesolutions.com/free-webinars/

Through his blogs, he introduced me to Magdalena Wszelaki.  She’s a certified nutrition coach, and after having the antibodies for both Graves’ Disease and Hashimoto’s, she was able to restore her health, and over the years she has been helping people with endocrine conditions balance their hormones through the use of whole, healthy foods.

From there I started following Dr. Tom O’Bryan, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Osborne, Naomi Whittel, Dr. Jay Davidson, Eric Zielinski, Jonathan Otto, Wendy Myers, Dr. Axe, Dr. Z, James Maskell, Green Smoothie Girl, Dr. Alan Christianson, Nicole Hunn, Evan Brand, Mike Adams, Dr. Michael Murray, Sayer Ji at GreenMedInfo, Dr Mercola and many more quoted in this program. Let me just say, these are trusted sources!

The key messages of all these wonderful people are:

  1. Keep your gut clean (cut gluten and sugar, and eat whole foods)
  2. Support your liver
  3. Balance your sugar
  4. Remove as many environmental toxins as you can – detox as alifestyle
  5. Actively manage your stress

What are the signs I missed over the years?

Interestingly enough, I have always thought I followed a “healthy” lifestyle. I believed in eating healthy foods and exercising.  I have also throughout my life developed stress management strategies.

But for about 5-10 years before I was diagnosed, I did not feel well.  I would wake up in the morning with very sore feet.  It was so swollen I could barely walk.  I always thought that my feet first needed to warm up and then I could go full steam.  The second major symptom was fatigue.  Then there were swollen glands, an inflamed jaw, headaches, severe constipation, endometriosis, burning feet, acid reflux, hives, allergies, chemical sensitivities, strained eyes and eyesight fluctuations, muscle aches and pains, very oily skin, lack of concentration, memory loss, mood swings, fever, blood sugar drops, hair loss, ear infection, and brain fog.  A mouthful! But none of these were severe enough to cause me to do something about it.

I had endless ovarian cysts, one after the other.  I would get these fever spells, where my body felt like it wanted to burn out.  These were toxins fighting to get out of my body!

It was a host of general, vague symptoms. I remember talking to my husband about having kids.  I told him that I just could not see myself having kids the way I felt.  The GP told me I am stressed and after seeing a specialist, I was told I have fibromyalgia. I refused to believe it.  I am not a depressed person, nor do I have fibromyalgia.   Now, years later, after realizing my healthy lifestyle was not so healthy.

Ironically I always ate rye bread, thinking it is healthier than white or brown bread.  Little did I know what havoc the gluten (wheat, barley and rye) wreaked on my body.

What I thought was a healthy lifestyle, wasn’t the case. I can’t blame myself, I did not know any better.  Few people know this.  I sincerely hope that you will subscribe and get the benefits from the Claim Your Life Back this program. It will open your eyes.

Whilst I was in recovery, in my ignorance with the little I knew at that stage, in January 2016, I sent my Endocrinologist this mail (it may help you!):

For your interest, I have made you a list of the challenges I experience from day to day and how I cope with them (feel free to share them with patients going through the same as I am)

Exercise with caution

I can for instance not exercise.  If I do, my feet swell severely.  I do gentle swimming which makes me feel energized. 


I bruise easily.  When I get mosquito bites, I need to be very careful not to take all my skin off when I scratch.   I need to be very aware of scratching as gently as possible.

Dry eyes

My eyes are extremely dry.  It has improved quite a bit over the last year but still remains a challenge.  I have to be very careful with fans and air conditioners.  As a rule, I always have artificial tear drops close to me and use too frequently throughout the day.  Gel drops work really well. 

Swelling all over

The worst effect is on my eyes and my feet.  When I was at my worst, before making diet changes, I looked like a different person.  My hands also swell, especially my fingers. When I eat really well (in other words no sugar or gluten), it improves.  And I need to drink a lot of water. During the colder months, it poses a real challenge, as drinking water is far easier to do in the summer.

Food impacts my health

I need to be super careful about what I eat.  Omitting sugar and gluten from your diet is the best remedy.  When I eat processed food that contains sugar and or gluten, I become very fatigued and the swelling kicks in almost immediately, and takes anything from 1-3 days to settle.  I say settle, cause it never really goes away, it is just the extent that differs. I do eat gluten-free bread and sugar-free chocolates.  It is amazing how creative one can get if one needs to be. I enjoy freshly made veggie juices (without cruciferous veggies as they impact the thyroid), and a daily plain yogurt smoothie with dark berries.

Alcoholic and sugary drinks cause havoc

The same goes for drinking.  I personally love a glass of wine.  For some time, I was not able to drink anything but water and herbal tea.  Now I can enjoy a glass of dry wine once a week.  I find that dry wine has the least effect. In moderation that is!  I have now developed a habit to drink rooibos tea first thing in the morning.  I also enjoy freshly made ginger tea with a little bit of honey.  I drink 1-2 cups of decaf coffee a day and limit my caffeine intake.

Long-distance traveling is a nightmare

If I sit for long periods, I become extremely stiff and start swelling.  We recently had a road trip that took 9 hours….within the first hour, I felt the swelling increase.  By the time we got to our destination, my feet were swollen badly.  It is especially bad when I travel higher than sea level.  Switching on the air conditioner and setting the cold air to direct to my feet does help somewhat.

Pushing myself is a no-no

Pacing myself is a skill I had to learn over the last year.  I have always been able to push myself to the limits and beyond.  Should I do that now, I would just collapse and mean nothing to no one. I can push myself quite hard for a day or two, and then need to slow down considerably the next day or two by perhaps sleeping late or going to bed early, and reducing the amount of work I do in a day. By pacing myself, I am able to deliver at a constant rate.

Feeling lethargic

The first thought that comes to my mind when I wake up is the pain in my feet and legs, and an intoxicated feeling in my head.  It literally feels like a hangover.  More often than not I wake in the morning feeling like I want to turn on my side, pull the covers over my head and sleep some more. By doing so I run the risk of falling into depression. It is not an option!! I simply get up, get ready and start working at whatever pace my body allows. This approach has kept me motivated and able to go on.  I found that moving my body, walking, swimming, or any movement, increases my blood flow and actually makes me feel better.  Not moving at all keeps me in that low-energy state where I do not feel like doing anything.  It is critical to get moving, feel better, and get on with it! 

The body does not always want to work with me

I have to listen to my body.  Some days are just much worse than others.  This goes with pacing myself.  This morning I woke up feeling drained.  I actually did sleep an extra 2 hours and then got up, got myself moving and I actually felt better.   When my body retaliates severely, I listen, I pace myself, but never stop moving!  Do not push your body over its limits, it does far more harm than good.

Low blood sugar causes terrible symptoms

A fairly easy strategy, but equally critical, is keeping my blood sugar stable.  The moment my blood sugar is unstable, I feel fatigued and just generally ill. When I get up in the morning, after taking my eltroxin, I eat immediately after an hour has transpired. If I skip breakfast or eat breakfast later in the morning, I feel terrible. I eat small amounts at least every two hours. It keeps my blood sugar and energy levels stable.

Tight shoes or clothes are a no-no

I love my jeans, but can’t wear them.  Any tight-fitting clothes increase the swelling.  The same goes for shoes.  I can’t wear any shoes such as running shoes, boots, or any shoe that fits tight around my feet.

Not enough sleep is not an option

If I do not get enough sleep. I wake up more swollen than usual, with pain in my eyes, and a general feeling of sickness. A sound 8-hour sleep routine makes a big difference.

Weight gain…well yes

I have gained 10kg over the last year and have no way to lose it.  My Doctor has advised me that until my TSH Receptor Antibodies are close to zero, my weight will remain a challenge.

Environmental toxins are killers

I am super sensitive to any toxins. Perfume, toilet spray, pool chemicals, hair color, you name it.  I now use bio-friendly household poisons, and hair color without ammonia, and furthermore, I avoid any strong perfumes or toxins of any nature.  If I expose myself to it, I feel horrible!! When my husband applies deodorant, he leaves our bedroom and sprays it on in a different room in the house, and then closes that door until the fumes subsided.

Standing or sitting still is a challenge

When I sit for extended periods, which I need to do often as most of my work is computer-based, I get very stiff and swollen.  The same for standing still in one place. It is not a nice experience.  As long as I move around often and allow for some blood circulation, I feel much better.  I think that the excess TSH receptor antibodies act as a severe toxin in my body.

Today I have moved so far beyond the state I described above…I eat cruciferous veggies on a daily basis, I exercise at least an hour for 5 days a week, I avoid gluten like the plague, I drink at least 2 liters of water a day,  I pace myself, and when I have to work extra hard, I build in recovery time, I sleep well and create an environment where I can sleep well, I get fresh air and sun spending time in nature, I judge less and love more, I pray a lot, I live gratefully, I live my passion, I regularly do intermittent fasting, and yes I love to eat, so I make an effort to find awesome gluten-free recipes! Anything from moist chocolate cake to delicious black bean brownies.  I do not deprive myself! And best of all, I feel great, look good, and have the energy to do what I want…what a blessing! I mostly eat organic and free-range, not always possible, but I try.  And I do not feel guilty when I do not manage to do so.  I know what foods I can cheat on and which I should avoid at all costs.  So if I wish to cheat, I do it wisely. I know my body, and I listen to my body. By making these changes, all my symptoms and illnesses mysteriously vanished!

One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that one needs to still live!  What can you do to avoid feeling deprived?  You need to figure this out for yourself….  Here you can see my transformation – I bet you can’t believe it is the same person. So here I am, turning my pain into my purpose.

I thought I to give you a glimpse of what I went through.  I am sure many of you will be able to relate.

Now it is your turn to take the bull by the horns and make the changes that will change your life!!


Now it is your turn!


And then my story continues…I had a curve ball…

Having had radioiodine, I do not have a thyroid anymore and have been using eltroxin and Tertroxin for a few years.  In February 2021, I needed a repeat script, and my GP mistakenly doubled my dose. Within 3 weeks I was severely ill from thyroid toxicity. I started getting severe skin rashes over my whole body, fatigue, body aches and pains, headaches and severe food intolerances.  I only learned later that these were Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) symptoms.

I started to physically feel all electromagnetic frequencies. My skin felt like it was on fire.  It was so bad that I was not able to use my phone or even watch television.  I had severe insomnia, my eyes were swollen, and I always felt extremely warm all over my skin.  If I would go into my bedroom, my skin started sizzling.  I felt faint electrical shocks over my body.  It was terrifying, to say the least. Having done a lot of research on EMF and EHS, I knew this was what was happening to me, but I did not know why. It took me another week or two to make the connection once I figured out that I was overdosing on eltroxin and suffering from thyroid toxicity, which triggered the EHS.  As we all know, any type of toxic overload in the body is a typical trigger for EHS.  I have wired my Wi-Fi more than 2 years ago, and that did not even help at that point.  I was so desperate, we put up a tent outside to see if I could sleep outside and be free from these terrible symptoms.  That did not even help. I used to have these severe symptoms, including chemical sensitivities when Graves was still rampant in my body. Having reversed all symptoms and feeling so terrible again, I was terrified.  With a lot of hard work and commitment, I was extremely healthy and wanted it to stay that way.  One simple mistake from a GP, and my health was in jeopardy. Both fear and anger took a hold of me at that time.

Under the guidance of an Integrative Specialist, I started using very strong antioxidants.  These did not provide significant relief to my symptoms.

In my desperation, I told my husband we need to put more effort into grounding and try again to make our own grounding pads. Starting in March 2021, it has been our sole focus to develop and perfect a grounding mat that works.  I started using our homemade efforts, and within three days of grounding every day and night (at least 16-20 hours a day, my rashes disappeared, and soon after all the other symptoms. After 3 months of regular grounding, all EHS symptoms are gone. I will occasionally get prickly skin, especially in close vicinity of strong EMF signals.

When I did an IL6 blood test on 16 March 2021, the results were frightening.  My score was 84.9 and should be less than 6.4.  Having redone the IL6 test in the first week of September, my IL6 marker went down by 83.4 to a normal low score of 1,5.  It is worth noting that I only used the antioxidants for 2 months. But I used a combination of outdoor grounding and the grounding mat every day for a minimum of 14 hours and more where I was able to.

Between March and July, we made significant improvements to our initial designs and ended up with a stainless-steel mesh that is far more durable, but also extremely conductive.  This implies that once you touch Grounding Buddy, your body immediately grounds.  After thorough testing, we have now put this product on the market. This has been a tough but very exciting journey.  And I am sure this journey won’t be over soon 😊.  It has been great to get positive results from the trial group.  I would like to quote one of the ladies that has been part of the testing group, she says: “I never want to be without my Buddy”

Having done extensive research on grounding, it became very clear to me that equalizing your body through direct contact with the earth can have profound effects. Feel free to visit www.on-route/grounding/ for more information on peer-reviewed research on grounding.  To date 24 peer-reviewed studies have been done that will blow your mind.  It must be said that Grounding Buddy is not a medical device, it merely puts your body in contact with the earth through the earthing of your sockets in your home.  Secondly, for now, Grounding Buddy is solely aimed at the South African market.  Our aim is to make it available to South Africans at an affordable cost. The product is specifically designed for South African electrical conditions.

I am excited that I have always been able to turn my pain into my purpose.  I just want to help people who feel helpless.  If you feel no one can help you and there is no light at the end of the tunnel, please contact me.  I can promise you, there is always light!

With warm regards, from someone who has been there and has a couple of T-Shirts.  But knows what can be done!



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