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On Route Health is all about giving you hope! I know you have been suffering for a long time and can’t find the answers you are looking for.  I am here to help. Giving you the knowledge and tools to be vibrant, happy and healthy!

The ultimate programme to get your health back on track. If you have been battling with chronic illness for ages and have not received any joy, my Claim Your Life Back programme will change your life forever!

Regular Consultations

A weekly online meeting to guide you through every step of the programme, along with daily check-ins on our WhatsApp group, bringing you great recipes, and other health tips.

Symptom Tracker

A weekly symptom tracker that will help you see your progress throughout the 7-weeks – helping you stay on top of your health goals.

EHS Consultation

Most people do not realize that electromagnetic fields (EMF) may be a trigger or root cause of illness. We provide protective devices that can protect you from the possible harmful effects of EMF. in 90 days you will see a totally different person in the mirror!
Is the fuss about EMF and 5G real?

5G is coming - do we know the risk involved?

Is the fuss about EMF and 5G real?
EMF Health Risks – a compilation

Wireless, Bluetooth, mobile data, can they harm you? find out

EMF Health Risks – a compilation
An EHS Conqueror’s story

EMF has such a massive impact on people's lives with electrohypersensitivity - hear their stories

An EHS Conqueror’s story
An EHS Conqueror’s Testimony

Electrohypersensitivity is real. Here those who have EHS tell their stories.

An EHS Conqueror’s Testimony
Is wiring your computer enough if you are sensitive to EM

Why do you still feel sick after wiring your PC?

Is wiring your computer enough if you are sensitive to EMF?
Kitchen electronics and EMF

Can kitchen electronic equipment affect your health?

Kitchen electronics and EMF

Our shop offers a wide variety of Grounding Ads in different shapes and sizes. Also, choose from a variety of EMF shielding options or browse through my newest publications.

Customer Testimonials & Success Stories

Joining Davida’s programme helped me recover from COVID-19 and discover the foods which were damaging my body. It also helped me deal with emotional baggage, break negative habits and form new ones. The continual, ongoing support from Davida and the others I met on the programme has helped me to maintain my new healthy lifestyle. This was truly a life-changing decision.

Thank you Davida for putting your heart, soul and care into each person that was part of our group. Your knowledge expanse is huge and your care and input to make a difference in each of our lives is huger. Thank you for giving so much, sharing so much info and ALWAYS being available! Appreciate you and loved the experience. The learnings, transformations along with identifying resistance as well as your incredible support along the way. Change is not easy, but you made it easier. You make a difference and impact with all fortunate enough to experience you

Davida is an ocean of health knowledge, driven by her care and love for others. Her course contains superior, practical solutions to our daily health struggles. It has been an eye-opener; that Western medical doctors, in fact, know so little about health and healing.

I started off with this program due to always being bloated feeling fatigued and feeling like I could never just live my life to the fullest due to always feeling ill. A friend of mine who did the program said it changed her life and now I can say the exact same. I have never felt healthier, happier and over all balanced in not only my physical health but also my mental health. This program has changed my life for the better and have I not once in these 7 weeks had any of the previous problems surface. I recommend this program to everyone who wants to live a happier , healthier life. Thank you to Davida who is constantly there for support and motivation.

Before I started this journey of claiming my life back, I was so out of touch with my self on a physical, mental and spiritual level. I was constantly miserable with every inner and outer part of myself. It was like I wasn’t truly inside my body, making it extremely difficult to be in control of my life. I was always clinging onto “quick fixes” like sugar, carbs and my phone. With the help of Davida and all the life changing methods and information, I was guided back to my true self. With constant and heartfelt support I managed to get rid of the toxins on all levels. Now I have the necessary tools to navigate my life and actually move forward. I always thought that these things that weighed me down was welded onto me and was things that I’d have to live with my entire life. I honestly never thought that this amazing person was in here all along.

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