Grounding - God's gift to man

Want to fight inflammation and oxidative stress the natural way?


When a person is grounding, (also called earthing), it refers to contact with the earth’s surface electrons by walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to the earth of a conductive system. Through this process, excess charge in a person’s body is equalised. When a charged object (person) is grounded, the excess charge is balanced by the transfer of electrons between them and the earth. Grounding Buddy is an indoor conductive system that allows for indoor grounding. It is the most natural way to fight inflammation and oxidative stress, as inflammation and oxidative stress is a result of an electron deficiency.

To date, at least 24 peer-reviewed studies have been done on the benefits or earthing. This is worthwhile reading.

WATCH this documentary on grounding by Clint Ober, the pioneer of grounding/earthing, and download your copy of an article summarising the peer-reviewed research on GROUNDING.    For more technical information on grounding and EMF, click here.


Disclaimer – The information provided on this page is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. Grounding Buddy is not a medical device. The information is for educational purposes only.  Grounding is merely a natural way to get the human body in contact with the earth and in a negative charge.

I had the most amazing benefits while using the grounding pad. I had a mini-stroke which affected my vision. I had double and blurry vision. The doctors predicted a 3-month period for recovery and warned it might be longer and it might not be a full recovery. I immediately started sleeping with the grounding pad either at the back of my head or against my cheek. Within a few days, my double vision was gone and within 2 weeks my blurry vision was gone. My sight has been restored! I had an inflamed back from moving heavy furniture and slept on the pad for 2 days on the 3rd day I saw a chiropractor and he was surprised that I had no inflammation in my muscles!

I sleep so much better, deeper and quicker – I wake rested. I get injections for rheumatoid artists. If I sleep on the pad, it totally avoids the swelling post-injection. I do not itch or get any swelling as before. I have far fewer headaches and have greatly reduced my reliance on painkillers. Grounding is phenomenal.

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